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Plasma density interferometer at 125GHz for tokamak fusion reactor

Eltvor team was contacted by Rohde&Scharz representative asking if the team is able to design a custom mm-Wave interferometer device for sensing plasma fusion in tokamak. Over the course of the time, Eltvor succeeded in purchasing 125GHz chips originally intended for automotive and consumer electronic radar, and successfully designed a tokamak interferometer around that, heavily dependent on elaborate DSP processing and digital pre-compensations.

Although the original business opportunity later faded away, mostly due to the attitude of respective tokamak research institute, the principle worked very well, and the main experimental work was accomplished in one single day, rendered even more difficult by COVID pandemic restrictions. The following photographs show Eltvor's main piece of mmWave electronic board, and custom milled copper waveguide block.

Rubidium gas cell for the Institute of Chemical Physics, Prague

Optical quadrature coherent receiver for CESNET academic network operator, Prague